Monday, April 13, 2009

Rapidshare Uses - For what is it used?

Rapidshare Used or Abused?

Advantages & Disadvantages

Today, internet users use facilities, such as rapidshare, megauplaod, filefactory and other sources to upload media content. Often, there are copyright problems but it is quite difficult for rapidshare to check the content if it is legal or illegal. However, users that download it, have the responsibility to mark it illegal, so rapidshare would know, and those files would get deleted right away.

This is the only major disadvantage of Rapidshare. It causes copyright infringment all the time. It's not easy to keep track of what illegal material has been put. However, it is users responsiblity to help out the in this matter. If you see something that you believe shouldn't be there, it should be reported.

Rapidshare and its alike sites are there to help out people that need space to share files, or keep them safe for a limited time. But people use them the wrong way, basically they abuse them.

At a later time, More will be written on this.

We here only share the links as we recieve, but, if you do notice copyright error - please inform us, before reporting us :)


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